2015 May

I won’t be afraid

One of the most common feelings we face in our ministry is fear. When fear enters the heart of a child, they are often unable to face even the simplest tasks of daily life.

George lives with five family members in a roof-top dwelling. The slum where they is known for religious intolerance. Kidnapping for ransom, harassment, and threats are commonplace.

Living here affected George negatively. He began to live in fear of being kidnapped and never seeing his family again. George’s father was frustrated by his son’s fearful ways, and frequently beat him as a way to ‘toughen him up.’

George was paralyzed by fear both inside and out. He likely never would have escaped if not for God sending a messenger who offered a bridge to healing.

At a Stephen’s Children camp George heard a sermon about feeling safe with God because he protects his children. Typically uninterested and distant, George began to share his feelings and fears with Samir, his home visit minister. During prayer time, and through many tears, George shared for the first time how his father beat him – and God began breaking the chains of fear on his heart.

After prayer time, the Samir hugged George and encouraged him for sharing his feelings. Samir and George prayed for God to change George’s father’s heart.

When they returned from camp, during his weekly visits, Samir talked seriously with George’s father about the abuse. He showed him ways to instruct George without harming him. Many parents in the slums want to be good parents to their children, but they must be shown better ways.

Samir also started a program for the little boy to get rid of the fear which controlled his life. By reading the Bible and memorizing Psalms, Samir showed George how he could put fear away for good.

Today the joy in George’s life has become a great testimony, as God set him free from the prison of his fears