2015 June

Only Jesus…

Embarrassed by her poverty, Sohair always felt less than her friends at school and church. Her family of six lives in a two-room shelter and her father makes very little doing construction work in an area of religious intolerance. When she developed trachoma her parents could not afford medication, so she suffered from physical pain in addition to her poverty.

When Sohair joined Stephen’s Children, she shared her problems with her home visit minister, Magda. Magda took Sohair and her mum to the doctor. He agreed that if she began antibiotics regularly, he could perform surgery when she was 16. Magda purchased the antibiotics for Sohair.

Encouraged by this new blessing, Sohair attended Stephen’s Children camp. There, she began to consider her life and felt that she was living in a wrong way and her way of thinking was wrong. In one of the camp sessions, she realized that only Jesus can make her life different and that he will provide all her needs – even surgery expenses. Sohair decided to ask for a new beginning with Jesus, and to trust and to pray always. She knows that he can fulfill all her needs.