2016 April

“I’m already poor. Isn’t that enough?”

At ten years old, Marina has endured a lot of hardship in the garbage slums, but nothing could prepare her for cancer.

With no money for treatment, living in a filthy shelter with her family of four, Marina’s spirit was crushed. She began to skip school and neglected her appearance. She felt unwanted by friends and family – and unloved by God.

Weekly visits from a Stephen’s Children worker did not seem to help. Marina could not acknowledge God’s love under the circumstances.

Something changed when she attended a Stephen’s Children “day out” program. “Days out” give kids a chance to spend a few hours outside the slums – at a SC camp center or local church. The kids play, eat a good meal, and listen to biblical teaching.

That day Marina heard about God’s overwhelming love – and how he purchased our salvation through suffering and death on the cross. She was affected, and she asked God for a new beginning.

Mama Maggie met and prayed with Marina. “Sickness is given to many great saints” she told her, “you are one of them, and you have a very special place in God’s heart.”

Since then, Marina has been hopeful. She is seeking God and joining her home visit worker for Holy Communion at the church.