Who is Mama Maggie? 

WHEN ONE HAS NOTHING…God becomes everything.”
Mama Maggie’s soft-spoken message of radical love and her call to serve “the least of these” rang out at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit.

Some call her the benevolent “Mother of Cairo.” Others have dubbed her “St. Maggie.” But to thousands of children and their parents living in the fetid garbage slums of Egypt’s largest city, Maggie Gobran is simply known as “Mama Maggie.” It is a moniker that is well-suited to her mission: This is all I want to be. A mother to them all.

Indeed, God has truly blessed and given us more than we have hoped for or imagined; the wonderful opportunity to reach so many destitute children in such a closed part of the world. My prayer is that God will continue to draw us closer to Him through thousands of more children who still need the love of Jesus Christ.” — Mama Maggie

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Mama Maggie’s work has been highlighted in numerous publications. Most recently she has been the subject of three biographies.