An Easter Feast

Ten-year-old Dina lives with her six family members in a single-room house. Her father makes the family’s living by driving a tuk-tuk (tuk-tuks are most famous in India, but they are very common cheap transportation in Cairo’s poor districts as well).

The slum area where Dina’s family lives is notorious for immorality of many kinds. Some say their neighborhood breeds criminals. Violence, bullying, and threats are everywhere. Alcohol and drug abuse is common here too – especially cheap sedatives like tramadol.

Dina’s father became a tramadol addict. He could no longer drive and spent most days strung out. Dina’s mother was desperate. She was unable to work because she was needed at home with Dina’s two and three-year-old siblings. With their income gone, food became scarce.

When Dina shared these problems with Mariam, her Stephen’s Children home visit leader, she reported the case to our main office. By God’s grace, and through the generous hearts of our friends and network, we were able to place Dina’s father in a rehabilitation center where he could be cured of his chemical dependency. At first, he refused to go, but Mariam convinced him it would be best for his family if he left for a little while.

Dina’s family still had no income or food, so Mariam secured a regular food parcel for her family until the father returned. The first day of delivery was one of exuberant joy in Dina’s house. Her mother said they had not eaten chicken in over four months – the last time the ministry distributed food. With tears, they thanked the Lord for loving them and caring for their needs through Stephen’s Children.

We are grateful for opportunities to incarnate the love of Christ for these needy families.

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