Cast your burden on the Lord

Abanoub’s father is a laborer carrying bricks and stones all day on a construction site. He has trouble holding a job because he suffers back pains from the grueling work. But his greatest burden is supporting his seven-member family.

Many parents send their children to work to earn extra income, but Abanoub’s parents wanted him and his siblings to focus on school. As a result, they were barely surviving on the father’s living. The church helps with rent each month, but all they can afford is a small flat with broken furniture.

When Stephen’s Children began visiting Abanoub’s family, they provided beds, mattresses, a washing machine, and stove. They also took Abanoub’s father to the orthopedic doctor.

As for Abanoub, he was still suffering many problems at school. He was even afraid to walk there because street children bullied and beat him.

After the SC workers visited the homes of the street children, they stopped bothering him, and he is doing better now that SC has helped him with his studies and paid for a tutor.

When Abanoub felt safe, he had ears to hear the Bible stories the worker told him. He loves going to church and participating in the sacraments. His entire demeanor has changed as he has become a calm, secure young man who is devoted to prayer.

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