I won’t stop praying

Even in her family’s tiny two-room Cairo apartment, Amira feels invisible and unloved. Her father earns a small wage at a nearby coffee shop, but refuses to spend money on her needs. He focuses his time and attention on her brothers. This is a common attitude where they live, but it does not lessen the pain of feeling unloved.

Heartbroken by her father’s harshness, Amira felt there was no one taking care of or loving her – no one to listen. Although there was no doctor to diagnose her, Amira was likely entering depression.

After several visits, Amira began discussing her problems with a Stephen’s Children home visitor, Maria. They prayed together, and Maria talked to her about staying positive. Amira decided to take a positive attitude and work in the summer so she can make money and buy her needs. She also decided to pray for her father to be changed.

At camp, Amira says she learned from Mama Maggie that she must not stop praying and that God is able to change her circumstances and make them better. She thanked Mama Maggie for giving her the chance to attend camp and for finding someone to listen to her. Amira also said that there are lots of people who are in a deep need but they don’t have the chance like she had.

“I was deeply touched by the love of God I saw in the people here in the camp.” Amira said. ”I won’t stop praying – God is listening. I trust that in the right time He will change the circumstances and my father’s heart”.

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